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Toy Box Safety

Toy box safety is, obviously, our top concern. We are all parents ourselves and we know how important safety is. One of the reasons we made our first toy box was because we found it harder and harder to trust the imported products that were filling the shelves. We have designed our toy boxes to be as safe as possible. All of our products far exceed the ANSI and ASTM standards for safe toy box construction. We have completely eliminated dangerous hinges from our designs. We use only 100% non toxic paints and non toxic glues. There are no small parts or choking hazards on our boxes.

The main problem with the many of the cheaper toy boxes is in the lid or the way the lid is supported. Toy box lids should all use a special hinge that will hold the lid open in any position. These hinges are often cheaply made and often fail or break which can cause serious injury or worse. The lids may not seem heavy to you or me but to a child these lids can be a serious danger. The most common injury is caused when the child leans into the box and the lid falls on them. This can cause suffocation or a serious pinch at the least.

Other toy box injuries are caused when the child climbs into the toy box & falls asleep. If there is not adequate ventilation, the child can suffocate. Toy boxes are supposed to have ventilation ports in them but these frequently get blocked by toys or bedding.

The most recent toy box recalls are due to the use of lead paint on the imported toy boxes. Lead is odorless & tasteless but can cause serious problems for a child when ingested. There are currently lead test kits that you can buy to check if your toy box paint contains lead.


What does Texas Toy Boxes do differently?

1- No lids. We carefully design all of our products to completely eliminate that danger. We design all of our toy boxes to function perfectly and look amazing without a lid.
2- No risk of suffocation because all of our toy boxes are completely open to the air.
3- Non-Toxic paint. All of our boxes use 100% completely non toxic water based paints and coatings. We are a family owned and operated business and WE control every step of production on our toy boxes. We don't have to reply on a foreign supplier to deliver a safe product.
4- There are NO small pieces on any of our boxes. We carefully designed all of our toy boxes to eliminate any small parts. We use the CPSC standard when testing products for choking hazards. The smallest part used on any of our toy boxes would not even fit in a sandwich bag let along pose a choking hazard!

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