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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How much do your toy boxes weigh?

A-Our toy boxes weigh, depending on the model, around 60 to 75lbs.

Q- What assembly is required?

Toy Boxes- We have recently switch to offering our toy boxes in an un-assembled kit form. The main reason for this was the shipping cost alone on an assembled toy box was costing us around $250 to $300 per box. This was driving up the cost of the toy boxes well out of most people's price range. We received so many requests for an affordable alternative that we decided to switch to the kit form. These kits are designed to lock together without any screws, nails, bolts, or silly little fasteners that get lost or broken. All that is needed is a rubber mallet and a dab of glue. Our included DVD will walk you through the entire assembly process. Expect to spend about an hour on assembly and another 2 hours patiently waiting for the glue to dry.

Furniture- Our furniture comes completely assembled and ready to enjoy.

Q- For what age range are these recommended?

A- All of our furniture has the recommended age range listed with the item. Please note that these are average age ranges. if your child is bigger or smaller than the average child in his class you may need to adjust accordingly. For age ranges on toy boxes please read here

Q- Are your products safe?

A- We are parents too and our children all have one of these toy boxes and furniture in their own rooms. We would not sell these or allow these to be in our children's rooms if we did not think that they were safe. We have made every effort to make our products as safe as possible. All of our products far exceed the ANSI and ASTM standards for safe toy box construction. There is , however, going to be some degree of risk with anything a child plays with. Nothing is ever 100% safe. Our toy boxes do eliminate all of the dangers that have been the cause of toy box recalls - dangerous lids, hinges, lead paint, and the risk of suffocation. However, children must always be supervised no matter how safe their toy box.

Q- How do these toy boxes arrive? Will I need help unloading them?

A- Our toy boxes are delivered fully assembled and, therefore, must be delivered by delivery truck. The delivery truck driver will be able to help you unload the box from his truck but it will be up to you to bring it into your house. Most customers do this by themselves but you may need to get someone to help you. They will be about as heavy as a mid sized television or end table.

Q- Do the toy boxes come painted?

A- Our toy boxes are normally shipped in bare wood. This gives you the opportunity to match paint colors or stain the toy box to match existing furniture. We do, however, offer toy boxes pre-painted with NON TOXIC paint in a few popular colors.

Q- Can I leave the bare wood toy box bare?

A- While the toy box looks great in bare, unfinished wood, it will stain quite easily. One purple pop sickle or chocolate hand print will stain the wood and will be very hard if not impossible to get out. If you like the bare wood look, we recommend you apply a clear satin sealer. It can be bought in spray cans at any local home improvement store and sprays on just like spray paint - only clear. This will preserve the bare wood look but will also prevent dirty fingers from staining the wood. We can also pre-seal your toy box for a small additional fee before we ship it if you would like.

Q- Can you stain the toy box to match my existing furniture.

A - Not really. We normally ship our toy boxes as bare wood and let the customer stan the box themselves (or hire a local painter to do it). We find it very difficult to match a stain color without having a fairly large sample piece to compare it to. All of the home improvement stores have a very good selection of stain and we can help you with some techniques to make staining your toy box a breeze. If you need someone to stain your toy box for you, try the local yellow pages or ask your local paint store if they know of someone locally that can do it for you.



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