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Our boxes are of superior quality and are designed to last a lifetime. We know that our toy boxes are a little more expensive than some but we are not trying to offer a toy box that will easily fit into everyone's budget. You can find plenty of cheap "throw away" toy boxes at any local discount store. We offer an ultra high end design built out of a high end material that you can pass down from one generation to another.

When we first went shopping for a toy box for our child we were disappointed with what we found. The majority of the toy boxes are built out of MDF. MDF is simply a mixture of sawdust and glue that is compressed to form the shape of a board. These "boards' then get a decal that looks like a beautiful wood grain. This is very quick & cheap way to build a box and is found on the majority of the imported toy boxes that are made on a large assembly line. The problem is that compressed sawdust is weak and will soon begin to fall apart. The "wood" decal will peel and scratch and it will all look very bad very quickly.

We decided in the beginning that we wanted a better toy box. We chose to use a beautifully grained 100% real furniture grade hardwood. This makes a much stronger, durable, and heavier toy box. All of our pieces are carefully cut to create a continuous"box joint" with most tolerances less than the thickness of a sheet of paper! This type of joint is extremely strong & looks amazing but is very difficult & time consuming to make. The pieces all fit together so tightly that there is no need for any screws or nails. After each panel is hand sanded the box is assembled from start to finish by one person right here in our Texas store, not on an assembly line in another country.

Because we build all of our toy boxes from start to finish right here in Texas- we are in control of every step. We do not have to worry about a Chinese manufacturer accidentally using lead paint or cutting corners. We design, build, paint, and test them all by hand right here in Texas- USA.



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